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sense the pebble

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sense the pebble designs one-of-a-kind scarves inspired by artisanal fabrics and journeys around the world, founded by a desire to express oneself and create freely. Each piece, being a tribute to fabric and travel, is crafted delicately to evoke feelings and memories of moments that inspired it. At the heart of its creative spirit lies the intention to offer cheerful and feel good pieces to enhance any moment with a pop of color and personality. sense the pebble is passionate about life and in constant pursuit of subtle, sophisticated and intimate experiences.

the name

It was born during a day on Pebble Beach in California. Pebble Beach is a place where elegance and Mother Nature’s raw spirit reign. The holy meeting of water and rocks creates out-of-this world sceneries. Mesmerized by this ethereal ambiance, the idea of calling this new venture ‘pebble’ began to take shape. So the word ‘pebble’ needed companions to truly capture its essence. Our scarves are filled with sensations perceived by our five senses. This realization led to the word 'sense', a perfect complement that completes the name.