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A Tribute to Denim


This limited edition of denim printed lace scarf collection is a tribute to timeless denim fabric.

The denim printed lace of our scarves is manufactured on century-old looms by the renowned tulle and lace house Sophie Hallette. Embracing a rich heritage since 1887, Sophie Hallette's historic factories in Calais and Caudry continue to produce delicate tulles and laces that have inspired designers across generations.

Each scarf is lovingly handcrafted by the French designer, Céline Seignez, in her intimate Amiens atelier, where every detail is created with passion and a commitment to local and eco-conscious practices.

To further enhance our pieces, they are adorned with shimmering, rare mother-of pearl sequins, created for this collection by the esteemed 150-year-old French button manufacturer, Crépin Petit.

Together with Céline Seignez, sense the pebble kindly invites you to immerse yourself in the gentle beauty and comfort of this delicate fabric.

Making of denim printed lace scarves at Céline Seignez’s atelier in Amiens, France.

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Denim Printed Lace Scarf BlueDenim Printed Lace Scarf Blue
Denim Printed Lace Scarf Blue Sale price€330,00 EUR
Denim Printed Lace Scarf Dark BlueDenim Printed Lace Scarf Dark Blue
Denim Printed Lace Scarf Dark Blue Sale price€330,00 EUR