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Care Instructions

The Art of Caring

At Sense the Pebble, our items are crafted from exquisite fabrics that are inherently delicate.

We offer the following care instructions to help maintain the integrity and extend the life of your beloved items:

Avoid Moisture and Chemicals Keep your items away from water, rain, perfumes, creams, cosmetics, and other chemicals to prevent damage or staining.

Perfume Caution Refrain from spraying perfume directly onto the scarf. Perfume chemicals can cause stains and damage to delicate fabrics.

Makeup Awareness Be mindful of makeup when wearing your items. Ensure there's no direct contact between the fabric and makeup to avoid stains or damage.

Creamed Hands Caution Handle your items with care, particularly if your hands are coated with creams. Residues from creams can leave stains or damage the fabric.

Cleaning Should cleaning be necessary, we recommend entrusting your item to a professional dry cleaner.