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The Girl Who Loves Cotton Bandanas


Our cotton bandana collection is crafted to be the ultimate cozy, soft and versatile everyday companion.

Each piece is dreamt and realized with joy, featuring unique designs and beautiful colors that are sure to captivate both wearers and
admirers alike. 

The one-of-a-kind patterns are crafted through collaboration with the esteemed painter and illustrator Aysem Kandirali; each figure is hand-drawn by the artist.

Whether you are jogging through the city, enjoying a quiet moment at a café with a book, or lounging on the beach in a swimsuit, our bandanas effortlessly add a touch of easygoing chicness to any occasion.

We love to wear them thinly rolled and loosely draped around the neck for that relaxed, cool vibe.

So go ahead, choose your occasion, or simply keep one with you at all times for that instant switch to comfortable style.